Egypt is an amazing holiday destination with a massive range of different things to see and do. Here is a selection of some of the places you must see if you ever get the chance to visit this fascinating tourist destination.

1. Cairo- For over a thousand years Cairo has exemplified the contrast of ancient and modern. Of luxury vehicles sharing lanes with horse drawn carriages. Of steel and glass skyscrapers towering over small wooden and metal huts where thousands live. Cairo is one of the busiest, most crowded places on earth, but it is also a fascinating maze of tight alleyways and fantastic bazaars, of amazing food and welcoming people, of great history, glorious pyramids and a religious and cultural centre of modern governance.

2. Giza- A short distance outside of Cairo lies Giza. Situated along the western bank of the Nile it stretches for some 18 kms. Within this area are some of the most amazing structures ever built, including the great pyramids and sphinx. As one of the seven wonders of the ancient world these marvels date back to the time of the Pharaohs, and have seen empires, travellers, conquerors and rulers come and go throughout human history. The site of the pyramids and the sphinx is truly awe inspiring and no trip to Egypt would be complete without seeing these wonders.

3. Luxor- Built on the ruins of ancient Thebes, this well preserved city is an archaeological paradise. Luxor is home to some of Egypt’s most grandiose temples but has also become home to some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the nation. You can travel to Luxor from Cairo via reqular scheduled train, bus or plane.

4. Alexandria- Named after Alexander the Great, this city was for a long time the cultural and historical centre of the region. The ancient library that once stood here is famous throughout history for holding over half a million copies of some of the most important literary works known to man. At its peak, Alexandria was a global centre for science, philosophy and arts. Today, the city is the second largest in Egypt and is a fantastic destination for history lovers as every mosque, alley, temple and quayside tell stories of days long gone.

5. Port Said- On the northern mouth of the Suez Canal, this Mediterranean coast city is considered young in Egyptian terms. It was established in 1859 with the start of the construction of the suez canal. The sight of the many ships awaiting entrance into the Suez Canal makes it a truly unique place. However Port Said is not renowned as a sun-filled tourist destination and although it does have some interesting museums and gardens, the main attraction still remains the canal itself. A couple of days spent here will give you enough time to cover all there is to see and do.

6. Aswan- This southern most city in Egypt has long been the gateway to Africa. In its prime Aswan was a thriving crossroad city and a centre for trade and traders from across the continent. There are many reasons to visit this fantastic area at the other ‘end’ of the Egyptian Nile River. In addition to the great temples and ruins, the city is close to the amazing Aswan Dam, which created Lake Nasser and the falls. Here you can see the beautiful sight of feluccas as they sail the tranquil waters at sunset.

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