Below is a list of films that have an Egyptian theme. (Some more loosely than others!!) We do not profess that this listing is complete, as we have included only what we consider to be the most popular Egyptian based films. Even though we are aware there were numerous films made before the 1930's, with an Egyptian theme (mostly black and white silent movies) we decided to start with this 'International' era of movies. We have reviewed the films below and given them a star rating. The rating has been based on; accuracy, historical content, acting, design, costume, storyline, age of film, enjoyment, etc. 1= Poor   2= Average  3= Good  4= Very Good  5= Excellent Please note: this is only our subjective opinion and should only be used as a rough guide and not taken too seriously!!

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1932 USA The Mummy. (Universal pictures)

Starring Boris Karloff. Directed by Karl Freund.

A mummy accidently brought back to life, tries to do the same to his long lost love, an ancient  Egyptian princess.

1933 USA The Ghoul.

Starring Boris Karloff. Directed by T. Hayes Hunter.

A Professor returns as a walking corpse to seek revenge on those who refused to carry out his dying wish , namely that he be buried with an ancient Egyptian jewel, The Eternal Light.

1934 USA Cleopatra.

Starring Claudette Colbert. Directed by Cecil B. DeMille.

The story of Cleopatra and her fateful romances with Julius Cesear and Mark Anthony.

1935 USA Charlie Chan in Egypt. (20th Century Fox)

Starring Warner Oland.  Directed by Louis King.

Charlie Chan investigates the murder of an archaeologist that was found in an Egyptian sarcophagus. 

1939 USA We Want our Mummy.

Starring The Three Stooges.

The stooges go in search of an ancient king's mummy as a museum are willing to pay a $5000 prize for the Pharaoh's corpse.

1940 USA The Mummy's Hand.  (Universal)

Starring Lon Chaney Jr. Directed by Christy Cabanne.

An Egyptian priest who guards the mummy of an ancient Egyptian princess plans to kill off all the party members of a group, who are looking to discover her tomb. With the aid of the raised mummy, Kharis.

1942 USA The Mummy's Tomb. (Universal)

Starring Lon Chaney Jr.  Directed by Harold Young.

Sequel to the above.

1944 USA The Mummy's Curse

Starring Lon Chaney Jr.   Directed by Leslie Goodwins

Sequel to the above two pictures.

1944 USA The Mummy's Ghost.

Starring Lon Chaney Jr.  Directed by Reginald LeBorg

Yet another sequel to the above three films.

1946 USA/UK Caesar and Cleopatra. (United Artist)

Starring:Claude Rains, Vivien Leigh and Stewart Granger. Director Gabriel Pascal

The  fated story of Mark Anthony, Cleopatra and Julius Cesear.

1954 USA The Egyptian. (20th Century Fox)

Starring Edmond Purdom, Carl Benton Reid, Peter Ustinov, Jean Simmons, Victor Mature. Directed by Michael Curtiz.

Set in an eighteenth-dynasty Egyptian court  where an abandoned baby grows up to be physician to the pharaoh.

1954 USA Valley of the Kings.

Starring Robert Taylor, Eleanor Parker. Directed by Robert Pirosh

A daughter searches for the lost tomb of an Egyptian Pharaoh in order to fulfill her fathers wishes. The Pharaoh is believed to have connections with Joseph of biblical fame. Along the way she secures the help of Robert Taylor.

1955 USA Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy. (Universal)

Starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello. Directed by Charles Lamont.

Fun and frolics with the Mummy.

1955 USA Land of the Pharaohs.

Starring Jack Hawkins, Joan Collins. Directed by Howard Hawks.

Pharaoh Khufu builds his pyramid in readiness for his death - which is prematurely helped along by Joan Collins! (Must admit one of my favourite films) Part of it was actually shot in Egypt and some of the sets were quite lavish for its limited budget. 

1956 USA The Ten Commandments. (MGM)

Starring Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, Anne Baxter. Directed by Cecil B. DeMille

Deserving of  every accolade. The story of Moses and the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses. Just got a little over the top towards the end, I thought.

1959 USA The Mummy.

Starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing. Directed by Terence Fisher.

The concept for this film goes back to the original mummy film with Boris Karloff in 1932.

1959 Legions of the Nile.

Starring Linda Cristal, Ettore Manni, Georges Marchal. Directed by Vittorio Cottafavi.

Roman Emperor Octavian rules the empire from Rome, and his rival Marc Antony has taken Egyptian queen Cleopatra as his lover and seized the eastern empire, ruling it from Alexandria.

1960 The Pharaoh's Woman

Starring Linda Cristal, Pierre Brice, Armando Francioli. Directed by Viktor Tourjansky.

A beautiful girl and a young physician fall in love in the midst of a family, and power struggle between rival princes of Upper and Lower Egypt.

1960 Son of Samson

Starring Mark Forest, Chelo Alonso, Vira Silenti. Directed by Carlo Campogalliani.

Maciste travels to Egypt, where he leads a revolt against an evil queen.

1961 (Italy) Nefertiti, Queen of the Nile

Starring Jeanne Crain, Vincent Price, Edmund Purdom. Directed by Fernando Cerchio.

Here is a quality sword and sandal epic with a great cast that has been overlooked for years.

1962 (Italy) A Queen for Caesar

Starring Pascale Petit, George Ardisson, Rik Battaglia. Directed by Piero Pierotti, Viktor Tourjansky.

Story of the power struggle between Egyptian queen Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy, and how a common soldier risks his life to serve her.

1962 US Joseph and His Brethren

From the Old Testament comes the story of Joseph, beloved son of Jacob and steadfast servant of God. He is sold as a boy into slavery by his brothers who were jealous of his dreams and the coat of many after interpreting Pharaoh's dream of the lean and fat cows.

Starring: Geoffrey Horne Robert Morley Belinda Lee. Directed by Irving Rapper

1963 USA/UK Cairo.

Starring George Sanders. Directed by Wolf Rilla

A man attempts to steal King Tut's jewellery from the Cairo Museum, but then things start to go wrong.

1963 USA Cleopatra.  (20th Century Fox)

Starring Elisabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Rex Harrison. Director Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Once again the story of the doomed trio, Cleopatra, Julius Cesear and Mark Anthony. Long film, but one of the best. Noted not only for its lavishness, on set problems, but also the real life affair that was going on between it's two main stars.

1964 The Lion of Thebes

Starring Mark Forest, Yvonne Furneaux, Massimo Serato. Directed by Giorgio Ferroni.

The story of Helen's flight from the vengeance of the Greeks following the Trojan War, in the company of her loyal protector Arion. She falls into the hands of the pharaoh Ramses, who sits on the throne of Thebes.

1964 Cleopatra's Daughter

Starring Debra Paget, Ettore Manni, Erno Crisa. Directed by Fernando Cerchio.

Cleopatra, after the civil war that followed the assassination of Caesar, met with Marc Antony in Assyria where they planned the defense of Egypt against the Romans.

1964 Son of Cleopatra

Starring Mark Damon, Scilla Gabel, Arnoldo Fo. Directed by Ferdinando Baldi.

In Roman-dominated Egypt, the corrupt administration of a governor named Petronius has sparked a revolt headed by El Kabir, a young man who learns that he's actually the son of Cleopatra.

1964 UK Carry on Cleo.

Starring Kenneth Williams, Sid James and the rest of the carry on team. Directed by Gerald Thomas.

Probably one of the better Carry On films.

1965 USA She.

Starring Ursula Andress, Peter Cushing, Bernard Cribbins, John Richardson  Directed by Robert Day

Though not strictly Egyptian, the film does have overtures that link it to the ancient Egyptian time. Treasure-seekers come across the lost city of Kura and encounter the all-powerful, immortal Empress Ayesha. She who must be obeyed. Based on the H. Rider Haggard tale.

1966 (Poland) Pharaoh

Starring Jerzy Zelnik, Wieslawa Mazurkiewicz, Barbara Brylska. Directed by Jerzy Kawalerowicz.

Young Pharaoh Ramses XIII clashes with Egypt's clergy over influence on the affairs of the state and its coffers.

1978 USA Death on the Nile.

Starring Peter Ustinov, David Niven, Bette Davis, Jane Birkin, Mia Farrow, Angela Lansbury.  Directed by John Guillermin.

Based on the Agatha Christie novel. The idea is to find out who, aboard the Nile cruise boat, killed heiress Linnet Ridgeway. The film won an oscar for Best Costume Design.

1980 UK/USA The Awakening.

Starring Charlton Heston, Suzannah York. Directed by Mike Newell

A story of possession of an Egyptologist's daughter by an evil ancient Egyptian Princess.

1981 USA The Sphinx.

Starring Lesley-Anne Down, Frank Langella, John Gielgud. Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner.

A female Egyptologist gets involved in the antiquities black market and tried to discover the secret location of the unknown tomb.

1981 USA Raiders of the Lost Ark..

Starring Harrison Ford, Karen Allen. Directed by Stephen Spielberg.

Dr. Indiana Jones, a renowned archeologist is asked by the U.S. Government to find the Ark of the Covenant. Unfortunately he has Hitler's forces to deal with along the way. Great fun. Excellent adventure film.

1985 USA Young Sherlock Holmes.

Starring Nicolas Rowe, Alan Cox, Sophie Ward, Anthony Higgins, Susan Fleetwood, Freddie Jones   Directed by Barry Levinson.

Holmes and Watson team up to battle against an Egyptian cult.

1987 USA Mannequin.

Starring Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall. Directed by Michael Gottlieb

A bit of fun. An Egyptian princess comes to life via a departmental mannequin in an American store.

1994 USA Joseph (The Bible)

Cast: Valeria Cavalli, Warren Clarke, Stefano Dionisi, Ben Kingsley, Alice Krige, Martin Landau.  Director: Roger M. Young

Joseph , the son of Jacob, the prophet who was forced into slavery by his jealous brothers, only to rise to power in Egypt.

1994 USA Stargate.

Starring Kurt Russell and James Spader. Directed by: Roland Emmerich.

Another of my favourites. I had to give it 5 stars - even though the storyline is not what you would call historically sound :-)

A stargate found in Egypt in the 40's is used to travel to another planet  - but that's when their  trouble starts. As a result of the film's success, an excellent TV series was created.

A link to the site of the Egyptologist who worked as an adviser on set for the pronounciation of ancient Egyptian is listed below in 'Suggested follow up sites'.

19695 Slave of Dreams

Starring Edward James Olmos, Sherilyn Fenn, Adrian Pasdar. Directed by Robert M. Young .

The Egyptian executioner's wife tries to seduce Hebrew slave Joseph to fulfill a dream they are experiencing simultaneously.

1997 USA Legend of the Lost Tomb.

Starring Rock Pierce, Kimberlee Peterson, Rick Rossovich Directed by Jonathan Winfrey

Adventure about two teenagers desperate to keep their treasure map of ancient Egypt out of the hands of evil archeaologist Stacy Keach. (Made for television)

1998 USA Talos the Mummy.

Starring Jason Scott Lee, Christopher Lee. Directed by Russell Mulcahy

The evil mummy Talos is let loose on London.

1999 USA Prince of Egypt.

Voice cast: Val Kilmer, Ralph Fiennes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Goldblum, Danny Glover  Directed by Stephen Hickner, Simon Wells, Brenda Chapman

The story of Moses.Full-length animated cartoon from Dreamworks.

1999 USA The Mummy. (Universal)

Starring Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Arnold Vosloo. Directed by Stephen Sommers.

Remake of the original 1932 film. Excellent special effects but a lot of historical inaccuracies which has brought the overall rating down. Loved the mummy's voice.

A link to the site of the Egyptologist who worked as an adviser on set for the pronounciation of ancient Egyptian is listed below in 'Suggested follow up sites' Links.

2000 USA Joseph King of Dreams.

Starring (voices): Ben Affleck, Mark Hamill, Steven Weber, Jodi Benson, Maureen McGovern, James Eckhouse Director: Rob LaDuca, Robert C. Ramirez

Full-length animated cartoon from Dreamworks. The story of Joseph who was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and taken to Egypt where he eventually becomes the interpreter of Pharaoh's dreams.

2001 USA The Mummy Returns

Starring Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Arnold Vosloo. Directed by Stephen Sommers.

Sequel to the above film. Again the special effects were very good but they seem to have sacrificed the plot.

2002 USA Scorpion King

Starring Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Steven Brand, Kelly Hu, Grant Heslov. Directed by Chuck Russell.

Spin off from the above two films. Set in very early ancient Egypt, this is the story of how an assassin wreaks revenge on a marauding army who pillaged his village and how he eventually becomes the First Pharoah of Egypt, known as the Scorpion King.
If you are an action film lover then you will enjoy the movie.

2003 USA Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egyptians is a vivid realisation of life in the land of the Pharaohs at the time of the great dynasties. This stunning 5.65 million production, strikingly dramatized with state-of-the-art computer generated visual effects was three years in the making. Filmed on location in Egypt and Morocco, these four one-hour films tell the true stories of real people who lived in ancient Egypt.


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