I hear thy voice, O turtle dove-
The dawn is all aglow-
Weary am I with love, with love,
Oh, whither shall I go?

Not so, O beauteous bird above,
Is joy to be denied....
For I have found my dear, my love;
And I am by his side.

We wander forth, and hand in hand
Through flowery ways we go-
I am the fairest in the land,
For he has called me so.

With sickness faint and weary
All day in bed I'll lie;
My friends will gather near me
And she'll with them come nigh.
She'll put to shame the doctors
Who'll ponder over me,
For she alone, my loved one,
Knows well my malady.

A vizer feels the burden of his years and lamants his fate to Pharaoh

O King, my lord, I draw nigh to life's end,
To me the frailities of life have come.
And second childhood... Ah! the old lie down
Each day is suffering; the vision fails,
Ears become deaf and strength declines apace.
The mind is ill at ease.... An old man's tongue
has naught to say because his thoughts have fled,
And he forgets the day that has gone past....
Meanwhile his body aches in every bone;
The sweet seems bitter, for taste is lost.
Ah! such are the afflictions of old age,
which work for evil... Fitful and weak
his breath becomes, standing or lying down.

Over three thousand years ago an Egyptian once wrote;

Its fields are full of good things and it has provision for every day
Its granaries overflow, they reach the sky.
Its ponds are full of fishes and its lakes of birds.
Its fields are green with grass and its banks bear dates.
He who lives there is happy,
And the poor man is like the great elsewhere.

What more could be said!

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