1. You will need to download the ebook to your computer by clicking on the large brown download button on the download page.

When the dialogue box appears choose 'SAVE', and save to a location on your computer (I would suggest DESKTOP).

2. Once you have downloaded the ebook double click on the zipped file and extract the pdf file to your desktop. (Or any other suitable location on your computer which you prefer.)

To extract the file you will need a free decompression programme such as Winzip. You will know if you already have a decompression programme on your computer because when you double click on the ebook file the decompression programme will automatically open it.

If however, when you double click on the file nothing happens, then you will need to obtain a free evaluation copy of Winzip from the following website:

3. Once you have extracted the ebook pdf file, (which looks like this:) then double click on it and it should open automatically in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Again, if you already have a copy of Acrobat Reader on your computer it will automatically open the file when you double click.

If however nothing happens when you double click, you will need to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader from the following address:

4. If you have already got this far, but are having problems opening the file is it usually because Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 (or less) is being used. Old versions of the Reader will not work with our modern files and you will to download a more uptodate version

You can find out which version of Acrobat Reader you are currently using by checking the title page as 'Adobe Reader' opens, or choosing the 'About' link under 'Help' in the menu bar.

If you are using Adobe Reader 6 and are still having problems opening the file I would suggest you try downloading the ebook file again, just in case it was corrupted during transfer. If you do not know the download URL, or are having problems accessing it, please email us for the link.

If you are still having problems after trying all the above please get back to us.

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