Eternal River by Steven Wood Ancient Egypt Audio CD
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Eternal River CD:
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(Note: You can find the answers to the questions below on this site.)
What was the orignal height of Khufu's Pyramid?
A) 150.5m
B) 200.3m
C) 146.6m
D) 133.8m
What is a Mastaba?
A) Spell
B) Temple
C) Crown
D) Tomb
What was the Greek name for Pharaoh Khufu?
A) Cheops
B) Chefren
C) Mycerinus
D) Zeus
Where is the Great Pyramid situated?
A) Luxor
B) Cairo
C) Alexandria
D) Giza
The Great Sphinx sits in front of which pyramid?
A) Khufu's
B) Khafre's
C) Menkaure's
D) Djoser's
How long is the Great Sphinx?
A) 73m
B) 89m
C) 65m
D) 102m
What stand between the paws of the Great Sphinx?
A) Statue of Ramses II
B) Dream Stele
C) Rosetta Stone
D) Elgin Marbles
What part of the Sphinx is keep in the British Musuem?
A) Nose
B) ear
C) Cobra emblem
D) Beard
Which way does the Sphinx face?
A) North
B) South
C) East
D) West
How many tunnels have been discovered in the Sphinx?
A) one
B) two
C) three
D) four

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