Egypt: Nature, Red Sea, Diving, Coral Reefs, Wildlife etc

A Photographic Guide to Birds of Egypt and the Middle East (Photographic Guides)
by Richard Porter, David Cottridge

Over 250 species are included in this compact and easy-to-use guide to the birds of Egypt and the Middle East, with clear colour photographs, a regional distribution map and thumbnail silhouettes to help readers identify each species.


Lonely Planet Diving and Snorkelling Guide to the Red Sea (Lonely Planet Diving & Snorkeling Guides)
By John Raterree, Jean-Bernard Carillet (Editor), Gavin Anderson (Editor), Peter Harrison (Editor)

This guide presents sites for divers in the Red Sea. The information on each site includes: depth and visibility; required expertise; bottom terrain; currents; marine life; safety tips; and local dive shops.


Red Sea Sharks (In Depth Diver's Guides)
Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch, Ian Fergusson (Illustrator)


The Red Sea (Globetrotter Dive Guide S.)
Guy Buckles, Alex Misiewicz (Illustrator)

This guide features detailed coverage of more than 125 dive and snorkel sites along the length of the Red Sea. Region by region, it looks at the premier sites - describing access, conditions, marine life and special points of interest. The book is also packed with practical travel information, tips on diving techniques and safety, and advice on the best local restaurants and accommodation.

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Reef Fishes and Corals of the Red Sea
By Pete Harrison, Alex Misiewicz (Photographer)

A guide to 270 reef fishes and corals found throughout the Red Sea. Encompassing Israel, Jordon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea, the Red Sea presents an extraordinary array of dazzling and spectacular fish.


Cats of Cairo: Egypt's Enduring Legacy
By Lorraine Chittock (Photographer), Annemarie Schimmel (Introduction)

Far from being pampered house cats, these feisty creatures roam freely through the streets of Cairo. They were so beloved in ancient days that they were portrayed in statues and, upon the death of a cat, a lavish funeral was held. According to folk tradition, the prophet Muhammad cut off his coat sleeve because he had to stand up for prayer and did not want to disturb his cat who was napping on his sleeve. Today, as the photographs display, the mystique of the cat lives on. During her seven-year stay in Cairo, Lorraine Chittock pursued cats throughout the city, taking intimate portraits of these wary inhabitants


Egypt's Wilderness: And the Quest for Conservation
By Gabriel Mikhail

Revealing Egypt's spectacular wilderness areas with their varied wildlife and habitats and their sparse human populations, this book contains over 300 colour photographs and paintings. They reveal the great variety of creatures found throughout Egypt.


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