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    Tutankhamun & The Golden Age of the Pharaohs (2007)


The treasures of Tuthankhamun are coming to both the US and UK.

Not since the 1970's have these very rare artifacts, that seldom leave Egypt, been seen in these countries. More than 100 pieces are being displayed, 50 of which come from the tomb itself, whilst the others belong to the ancestors of 'The Golden King', such as Amenhotep II, Tutmosis IV, Queen Tiye and his father Akhenaten.

The DVD shows and explains what many of the exhibition peices mean or represent, including; statues, furniture, figures, masks, weapons, games, inscriptions, animals etc. It also explains the family relationships between the different pharaohs, the process of mummification and gives a detailed description of the interior of the tomb and how Tutankhamun's coffin was made up of many different containers.

Besides the main programme the DVD contains a 'GALLERY' of the main pieces in the exhibition. A 'DISCOVERY' section that tells us about Howard Carter and Lord Carnavon, how the tomb was discovered, how it was reported around the world, plus how the 'Curse of the Mummy' tale started. There is much original film footage of the discovery included in this section. There is also a 'BEHIND THE SCENES' look at how the exhibition was organised, designed and funded. And finally there is an 'INTERACTIVE' part which, when used via a computer, links directly to the official website that contains uptodate information, education material, news and an online store.

Every one of these pieces tells its own story about the wonderous age of the Pharaohs that lasted for over 33 centuries, so make sure you check out the DVD before you visit the exhibition in order to fully appreciate the magnificent treasures that will probably never leave Egypt again. These distinquished works of art have captivated the world since the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb back in 1922 by Howard Carter and I am sure they will still captivate you.

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