The Lotus Tarot website offers their visitors free online tarot card readings.

You may not always have the opportunity to sit down with someone skilled in the art of reading the cards, or perhaps afford to pay for regular readings, so at Lotus Tarot they aim to provide you with a convenient way to access the information, which will hopefully bring you pleasure. The website also has an active forum you can join.

Although they do charge for some of their more indepth services, the people at Lotus Tarot are committed to offering absolutely free tarot readings on their website, and continue to add new and interesting readings as quickly as they can put them together.

They also have a strong committment to privacy and confidentuality and they promise never to share your email address, name or details or anything else you give them with anyone at all!

So, if you think Lotus Tarot would be of interest to yourself, as it is to many other people - they have already delivered 9,294,219 free online readings to 987,752 registered users since June 2002 - then click on any of the links here to start your journey of discovery.

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