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PRODUCTS: Above you will find links to various Egyptian items: music, books, fine art etc. Payment is via credit card on secure servers, so you can be sure of a reliable service, quick delivery and secure online ordering with no danger of misuse of credit card information.

PAYMENT: Prices are quoted in either US dollars or English pounds, but ORDERS ARE TAKEN WORLDWIDE via the internet.

When paying via PAYPAL click on the 'Return to Merchant' button immeditely after payment in order to access the download or information page (Paperback book). Membership is not required for PAYPAL and you will be able to instantly send payment online using either your credit/debit card.

If there is a known problem with a purchaser's email address we have a Notice Board you can check out.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: Ancient Nile is aware that you care how information about you may be used, stored or shared and that is why we respect your right to privacy at all times. Please be assured that any information supplied to Ancient Nile, including email addresses are never passed on to third parties unless absolutely necessary in order to complete your transaction, order or enquiry. Ancient Nile appreciates your trust and wants you to have complete confident in our services and security. All items purchased through Ancient Nile are done over a secure server which ensures that your information is encrypted during transmission in order to protect you against any fraud.


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