1. Locate all the individual songs of our Eternal River CD that you have downloaded to your computer.

2. Try opening and extracting the files by double clicking on the zipped files. (Most computers already have an extraction programme that deals with zipped files already installed on their computer)

3. If nothing happens, or you computer says it does not recognise the files and asks what programme do you want to open these files with, then you will need to download a free extraction programme from the internet, such as;
Winzip for Windows: (free evaluation download)
or Stuffit for Mac.

4. Once you have the extraction programme installed on your computer double click the zipped files again and extract the mp3 music files. It will probably ask where you want to extract the files to on your computer - I would suggest your desktop, so you can easily locate the files. (May be best to add a new folder to your desktop called Eternal River so you can save the music files within it)

5. You can now double click on the extracted mp3 files and play then through various software, such as Windows Media Player or Quicktime. (They should play automatically when you double click them.)

6. Now you can burn the mp3 files to a blank CD. Again most computers have a writable CD drive and CD burning software included on their hard drive. If you don’t know where the software is, you will need to click on your ‘Start’ button / ‘All programmes’ link and go through the list to look for the CD burning software.

7. Once you have located it, open the software and following the instructions to burn your CD.

8. Important note: If you want to play the CD in other music equipment, such as a music centre, car, other computer, DVD player, etc then you will need to ensure that you choose to ‘FINALISE’ the CD during the burning stage – otherwise it will only play on your computer.

9. Addition uses for the files; If you have a mp3 player or ipod, you can also now add the music to these music players.


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