Non-Exclusive 1 Day License: £10
Non-Exclusive 1 Week License: £20
Non-Exclusive 1 Month License: £30

For one song, for one specific use for the agreed period named in the agreement. This type of licence is ideal for public events, shows, demonstrations, schools, radio etc.

Non-Exclusive 12 month license: £50
For one song, for one specific use as named in the signed agreement. Where production is involved this fee is based on a worldwide production run of 1000 or less. We do offer a 50% discounts on some pieces which are less than 1 minute in length. If you are interested please email for our special discounted music. We also have other non-egyptian style music available for licensing, including dance, world, popular etc. Again, please email to find out what is available.

Exclusive license: Cost Varies
The cost of commissioned work varies greatly depending upon numerous factors including, length of music, production numbers, exclusive license duration, etc. Therefore we cannot provide a quotation for commissioned work without detailed correspondence regarding the customer’s requirements.

Royalty Free Agreement: £35
Onepiece of music, for one specific use, (as named in signed agreement) in perpetuity. Plus purchase of the quality mp3 file.

Renewals are due every 12 months for Non-EXclusive and EXclusive Licences and we usually offer the Licence holder a loyalty discount. Prices are subject to change but we guarantee that they will not rise more than 5% in any year.

Discounts are offered on volume licencing. Please email us with your requirements.


When music is recorded there may be more than one copyright owner having an interest in the recording. The music itself may be an original and produced by one person, the lyrics may be an original literary work produced by another person and the sound recording itself can be a copyright work by the studio. Also Performers' Rights may also exist in the recorded music.

However here at Ancientnile all the music available for 'copyright license' is owned entirely by Steven Wood and therefore only one license is required, which is provided by Ancientnile.

So, if you wish to use any of our copyrighted music in your production, such as DVD, Video, CD, movie, radio, video game, website etc, you will only need to obtain one music license from the copyright owner, Steven Wood, via this website.

Steven's music is ideal for the film, television, radio and video game industries, as well as private projects where original compositions are necessary. He specializes in Orchestral, New Age, Dance, World and Ballad type music, as well as the Electronic genres of the music world. However he is not restricted to these types and can create original tracks in virtually any genre imaginable.

We have two types of music on our website that have been composed especially for Ancient Nile by Steven Wood which are purchased for commercial use either through a NON-EXCLUSIVE / EXCLUSIVE LICENSE, or a ROYALTY-FREE AGREEMENT depending on the music involved:


This refers to any purchasable music which we provide on our website, including single pieces and all songs on our Ancient Nile music CD: Eternal River (Plus any future CD’s). Customers can buy online from our website store :

HOW IT WORKS: When a customer purchases music from our site, this DOES NOT ALLOW the purchaser to use the music in any other way except for personal listening. (The same as you can’t use music from any other music CD you buy from any other store).

However, if a company or individual wishes to use one of our pieces of music commercially, for example ‘World of Anubis’, on their website then they would need to purchase from us a NON-EXCLUSIVE LICENSE for a minimum period - usually 12 months. At the end of the license period, if use of our music is still required by the license holder,then a new license would have to be purchased for a further 12 months period. (Licence holders will be notified of the cost of renewal one month prior to the license expiring.)

This music license option is when a company/person commissions Steven to actually write a piece of music especially for them and to their specific guidelines. This type of music is again only purchased under license, but this time as an EXCLUSIVE LICENSE - which means only they (company or individual) have the sole right to use that piece of music for a specific time – as governed by the length of the license which will be determined at the time of issue. They also have the right to renew their exclusive rights when the license expires.


Royalty free agreements concern the mini music pieces which can be downloaded free of charge by anyone who visits our website at;

These are for personal use only, so any proposed COMMERCIAL USE must be paid for. As outlined in out terms and conditions page;

The mini music pieces vary in length. To can check out the exact length we suggest you download the individual pieces of mini music from the page listed above.

Please note: There are NO extended versions of these mini pieces of music available. However, we do provide purchasers of Royalty-Free Agreements with quality mp3 (128kb) files (depending on the required commercial use), at a cost of £5 per file. These will replace the poor 16kb mp3 files we offer via our download page for personal use only. These high quality mp3 files would be delivered to you from our site via a specially provided purchase link once a ROYALTY-FREE AGREEMENT had been purchased.

The royalty-free agreement fee is a one-off payment. There is NO annual renewal fee. The only time a customer would have to pay again for the same royalty free music is if they decide they want to use the music in a different way other than that named in the royalty-free agreement (i.e. change of usage).

For example if the client had paid for the use of our music in a DVD production and now wanted to use the same piece of music in a video (i.e. change of media usage), then this would be classed as a ‘change of agreement use’ and they would need to purchase a new royalty-free agreement.


A) The customer must purchase a copy of the music. This is usually done as a downloadable CD quality mp3 file via our website, or, alternatively a copy of the full CD may be purchased. In the case of royalty free music, the customer will be provided with a link where they can purchase the quality mp3 files.

B) The customer must ensure that the following copyright notice is included on and in the multimedia product named in the license/agreement. (E.g. External labelling and within the actual product; i.e. Credits)
Music copyright: Steven Wood: © 2000

C) The customer must supply us (where appropriate) with a FREE Pre-Production copy of the named media product, (E.g. DVD) to confirm the validity of the granted non-exclusive commercial license(s) or royalty-free agreement usage. Until we receive our free copy of the media from the purchaser, the licence or agreement remains invalid, even through payment has been made. Receipt of media is the only way the correct use of our music can be validated and the license/agreement finalised. If your usage does not include a 'physical product' i.e, Radio, website, movie, than we will make separate validation arrangements with you.

D) Customers pay through Paypal, using their secure encrypted payment system. You can do this either through a valid Paypal account, or by using a credit / debit card.


It must be noted that ALL music, whether purchased under a Royalty Free Agreement, Non-Exclusive License or Exclusive License, always remains the copyright of the composer Steven Wood.

The purchaser is only purchasing the right to use one piece of music, in an agreed manner, for a specific time (as stated in the Licence). Or, in the case of a Royalty Free Agreement, the right to use one piece of music in an agreed manner (as stated in the agreement) for an unlimited length of time.

Licenses/Agreements only come into force once we have received a free copy of the media concerned, verified its agreed usage, and emailed you with the signed verification document. Alternatively, we can postpone the start date of any licence or agreement to beyond the date of the verification document being emailed, in order to fit in with production runs.

You must inform us about the subject of your product which must not fall into any of our prohibited subjects. We do not allow our music to be used to support any derogative, pornographic, racial material etc. (If you are uncertain whether your subject matter will be acceptable please email us.)


All music content of Ancientnile is copyrighted by Steven Wood and cannot be modified, reverse-engineered, sold, reproduced or redistributed under any circumstances other than the agreed way as written in the license or agreement. No purchaser has the right to misuse the music contrary to the signed agreement / license. The music cannot be resold or altered under any circumstances.

If you have any questions regarding the commercial use of our music, licenses, or any questions or problems regarding any of the above information, then please do not hesitate to email us and we will endeavour to answer you within 24 hours.

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British Academy of Composers and Songwriters
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